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    October 25, 2012
    Free Upgrade From iPad 3 To iPad 4?

    With the surprise announcement of the iPad 4 earlier this week, a lot of people were bummed out.  After all, what’s more depressing than buying a brand new iPad 3 only to find out, two days later, that the iPad 4 is coming out?  Well, there are some Apple Stores in the world that feel your pain and are willing to work with you.  If you have bought an iPad 3 within the last 30 days, several Apple Stores in the UK are giving out free upgrades to the iPad 4.

    Of course, not all Apple Stores are doing this, and you have to have purchased your iPad at an official Apple Store in order to qualify for the deal.  Apple Stores in Aberdeen, Kingston, and Birmingham are giving the free upgrades while Apple stores in Cardiff and Manchester claim to be unaware of the deal.  Apparently, the deal also extends to recent iPad 2 customers as well.  Of course, if this is official Apple policy, maybe it will spread to the States.  Or just catch a plane and get your upgrade now.  Either way!

    If it seems like it’s a short upgrade cycle, that’s because it is.  The iPad 3 came out in March, only 7 months ago.  The iPad 4 is the first iPad to feature Apple’s new connector style, which is probably why they’re pushing out an upgrade.  There’s also an upgraded processor and a HD camera for FaceTime chats, but the real reason is the upgraded connector, I’m sure.  Now you have to buy the new iPad, a new case, and new chargers and accessories.

    Still, I’m sure Apple fans will have no qualms about paying for the upgrade.

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