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    November 6, 2012
    Amazon Makes Amazon Prime A Monthly Subscription

    Amazon Prime is a great service.  Free two-day shipping, free e-book rentals, streaming video… what’s not to like?  Well nothing, except for maybe the $79-per-year price for the service.  Assuming you don’t get a lot of stuff shipped to you and are already a Netflix user who doesn’t have a Kindle.  But for the holiday season, that two-day shipping might make the difference between a happy holiday and a very displeased family.  Amazon is now offering Prime services for $7.99 a month.

    Granted, for a year of Prime, that’s going to be more money.  Specifically, $95.88 for 12 months of service, but the point is now you can get Prime for the key shopping months of November and December (or birthdays, or whatever special shopping reason might require you to have 2-day shipping) without signing up for the entire year.  That’s a pretty clever move.

    Also clever is a new initiative from Amazon, called Amazon Lockers, that is interesting.  Basically, you can go to certain locations–in this case, Staples is the latest place to jump on the Lockers bandwagon–and pick up your Amazon deliveries in a safe, secure location.  No rain, no snooping neighbors, no dogs looking for a bathroom, just your Amazon goodies waiting for you.

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