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Cool gadgets gifts for women in your life

2016-10-25_114751It’s almost Christmas and you still have no idea what to get that special gal in your life.

Whether she’s your wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, or BFF, here are 20 quick picks to keep you out of the doghouse for another year.

Microsoft Band 2 ($200): This smart gadget combines all of the best features of a fitness tracker and a smartwatch in one sleek package. Beyond fitness tracking, it syncs with Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone to give her notifications, answer calls, use voice commands and more. Find it at online retailers or look for it at your local electronics retailer or Microsoft Store.

Bellabeat Leaf ($120): For a fitness tracker that doesn’t look like a fitness tracker, you can’t do better than the Leaf, which looks more like jewelry than a gadget. It still does everything she’ll expect a fitness tracker to do, including monitor activity and sleep. It’s currently on sale at the Bellabeat store (though be careful of shipping times if you want it before Christmas!), but you should also be able to find it locally at Best Buy and Target.

Kate Spade earbuds and smartphone cases ($40+): Kate Spade has a multitude of sparkly and style-savvy tech accessories. Find them locally at major electronics or department stores.

Trainer by Gibson ($250): Another gift that sets the right tone are these wireless headphones that work as well on the move as they do while relaxing. Amazon is probably your best bet  if you can’t find these at your local electronics retailer. If you’re looking for something a little easier to find (and sports-friendly headphones aren’t the priority), try the Bose QuietComfort 25 ($300).

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer ($130): A great gift for anyone who likes to take and share photos, the Zip is a portable printer that can instantly print photos from her smartphone — just like the classic Polaroid! Find it online or locally at retailers like Target.

Information from USA Today

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Make & Freeze Recipe: Mini Pancake Bundt Cakes

mini-pancakeI’ll admit it…I’m more than just a little addicted to pinterest! I love that I find real ideas there that I can actually re-create myself. I especially love when I find something fun like this to surprise my kids with. I found this particular idea linked to The World According to Eggface and decided to adapt the recipe so it would be gluten-free and in a fun shape. I had inherited the mini bundt cake pan a long time ago and it had never been used before. It’s time has finally come.

First I mixed up some batter using Pamela’s Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix. We’re experimenting with gluten-free and I thought pancakes might win over the family. After I poured the mix into the muffin cups, I added frozen berries to some and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on the others. Here’s a picture of it about to go in the oven:

I baked according to package directions and they came out perfectly. The kids could not wait to try them. Girlie ate at least 6 right away. The berries were bursting and so flavorful and the cinnamon sugar ones were sweet with just a hint of spice. Little Dude was not quite as impressed, but he’s funny about textures and these were a little different than a muffin or pancake. I thought they were really good and an excellent convenience recipe for the school week. You can make a couple of batches on the weekend (in whatever shapes or designs you want) and freeze them for later. Simply microwave defrost for breakfast or place a frozen one into a lunchbox to thaw and be ready to eat at noon. Here’s the final product:

What foods do you like to make ahead? I’d like to get better at doing some of the work on Sunday and having things done in time for the weekend.

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