Make & Freeze Recipe: Mini Pancake Bundt Cakes

mini-pancakeI’ll admit it…I’m more than just a little addicted to pinterest! I love that I find real ideas there that I can actually re-create myself. I especially love when I find something fun like this to surprise my kids with. I found this particular idea linked to The World According to Eggface and decided to adapt the recipe so it would be gluten-free and in a fun shape. I had inherited the mini bundt cake pan a long time ago and it had never been used before. It’s time has finally come.

First I mixed up some batter using Pamela’s Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix. We’re experimenting with gluten-free and I thought pancakes might win over the family. After I poured the mix into the muffin cups, I added frozen berries to some and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on the others. Here’s a picture of it about to go in the oven:

I baked according to package directions and they came out perfectly. The kids could not wait to try them. Girlie ate at least 6 right away. The berries were bursting and so flavorful and the cinnamon sugar ones were sweet with just a hint of spice. Little Dude was not quite as impressed, but he’s funny about textures and these were a little different than a muffin or pancake. I thought they were really good and an excellent convenience recipe for the school week. You can make a couple of batches on the weekend (in whatever shapes or designs you want) and freeze them for later. Simply microwave defrost for breakfast or place a frozen one into a lunchbox to thaw and be ready to eat at noon. Here’s the final product:

What foods do you like to make ahead? I’d like to get better at doing some of the work on Sunday and having things done in time for the weekend.

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