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Picking Pots And Pans


Can cooking with the best pot or pan make your food taste better? Not really, this all depends with the person cooking. But surely cooking with the right pot or pan made of quality material can improve your performance in the kitchen. With the need of eating healthy food by cooking at home and ensuring food has a good taste, I did intensive research on the best pots and pans reviews.

Owning top-shelf cookware is enticing, however I found out that best pot or pan varies a lot from cooking styles and amount budget for kitchen cookware. Mostly I cook Persian-style rice that usually has a crusty bottom. For that reason I own a Cuisinart, it is one of the best for this kind of cooking. Other people target Copper pots, suggestions are it is the best because the copper cores at the bottom distribute heat evenly. However copper pots are costly and out of my budget range. I also sear meat more often, I have found that a un-coated stainless steel is perfect. It facilitates even browning. I also discovered that the best lid to have for a pot is a glass lid.

This enables one to see what’s going on in the pot without letting steam escape by lifting it.Peoples diversity in cooking techniques give them different opinions of which is the best pan or pot to use. Their opinions are biased on what suits them. For example, people that cook white sauces or tomato sauces cannot do it on unlined copper or aluminium pans because the sauces react with the metal.

On the other hand these pans transmit heat quickly and are the best for boiling water, sauteing vegetables and other foods that do not react with them when un-coated. The best pan or pot really depends on how it can improve your cooking technique irrespective of the brand or durability.

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